Now that we got your attention…I want to address the issue of denial. I understand that this is a sensitive topic but nonetheless, needs to be addressed.


Very often I’ve come across well-meaning friends and relatives who notice that something is amiss but have found it difficult to talk to their friend/relative/spouse without risking anger or even their relationship. So, I hope that this article is one that they can forward as a first step towards bringing up the topic.


One of the major roadblocks to seeking help is when parents refuse to acknowledge that their child has a learning difficulty. Yes, it is just like saying that the center of the doughnut is fat-free and ignoring the rest of it with sugar and carbs.


Some of the implications of denial are:
1. Delayed diagnosis – the later we find out what the difficulty is specifically, the less information we have to start implementing solutions.


2. Delayed intervention – early intervention is very important for the child’s development. It does not only affect the child academically but more importantly their social-emotional well-being. A lot of children develop low self-esteem or low self-confidence, which is a limiting factor in other aspects of their lives.


3. Prolonging the problem – denying that a problem exists does not mean it does not exist or that it would magically disappear. It is still there and would most likely become worse.


4. Escalating the problem – as the child grows older, the academic, social, and emotional demands only become more complex while the child’s ability to cope with all these remains underdeveloped. At some point, the child feels overwhelmed and this may result in less than desirable outcomes.


Here is the hard fact – the older the child becomes, the more obvious the problems; worse, the more difficult it is to intervene. So, the earlier the difficulty is acknowledged and addressed, the sooner your child can improve, and the less obvious the problems appear.
Like all children, your child only needs your help and support. Please know that professional help is available and that learning difficulties can be managed successfully.


Your child accepts and loves you unconditionally and just the way you are. Likewise, we as parents can learn this important lesson from them and return the same.