You may be wondering, “What is so difficult about teaching ABC and helping my child learn to read?”

Well, these were what the parents that attended our workshop had to say:

“What? I had no idea!”
“How come nobody told me this?”
“I just buy (learning materials/toys) only and never really gave it much thought.”


Come join our workshops in June and find out why these parents were so amazed after they discovered how much they didn’t know about teaching and the process of learning reading.

We will equip parents with home-teaching tools to help kick-start literacy skills in little ones.

The benefits are:
– Giving your child a head start in literacy skills with this proven approach
– Learning in the comforts of home
– Time flexibility for parents
– Use the same skills to teach more than one child
– Free digital materials for multiple uses

The parent workshop will cover:
– The stages of reading development
– Teaching alphabets and early literacy skills
– How to develop a child’s love for reading

Suitable for children 1 to 5 years old (depending on their level)
FREE – lots of worksheets for home practice!
SESSIONS are conducted in BM, Eng and Chi.

Registration & Payment

Please make payment to Touchstone Education and Technologies PLT, CIMB Bank, 8009246352 and email your proof of payment to

To register, please complete the form

Thank you and see you at the virtual workshop!